In asking Derek about his creativeness behind unique real estate industry leading marketing ideas, a little grin appears on his face as he tells a few stories about his past more complicated marketing hurdles he faced while helping lead the McDonald’s Restaurants Marketing Department in 2002 when the company faced scrutiny as Hollywood launched the blockbuster SUPERSIZED Movie. ‘Try and explain to a leadership board of men that the burgers and fries that had made them so successful over the past 35 years needed a lighter choice option (salads for moms) and if they at the time didn’t do something quickly, the government was threatening health warnings on French Fry packaging similar to label warnings on cigarette’s’. Not the easiest task in turning around the McMega giant for Grech and the team at the time while launching the I’m Loving It campaign with Justin Timberlake to swing positive momentum.

Fast forward years later, Grech’s almost past 20 plus years of Leading International Brands such as McDonald’s, Nike, Sears, Home Hardware, Future Shop/Best Buy and Rogers has positioned him at the forefront of a highly competitive business in Real Estate as he drives marketing channels of LUXURY homes very differently and as he expresses more STRATEGICALLY than other Agents – to which he very quickly adds, has been the most enjoyable and rewarding marketing experience of his life.

I got into the Real Estate business because I felt that there was a gap when it came to truly marketing a home – I mean not just putting a sign up or hosting an agent open or open house and advertising a home in the newspaper. TRULY Driving awareness of a home through the right strategic advertising channels – not simply relying on MLS and waiting for the phone to ring as he puts it bluntly when referring to the majority of others. Defining the TARGET MARKET and creating a STRATEGIC MARKETING APPROACH SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUR HOME – NOT GROUPING THEM ALTOGETHER WITH AN AGENTS OTHER LISTINGS. Home sales in the last 5 years in West Vancouver have ranged from $3.9 million (often a lot sale in Westmount) to higher end homes in the Westmount pushing the $10 million mark – these homes and home owners need a completely different approach than in the most recent past and relying on what work years ago, doesn’t cut it! Similarly In Edgemont we have currently witnessed $1.900.000 lot sales and new homes are hovering the almost $4 million mark daily.  The marketing has changed lately and will continue to change so it’s even more important these days to have the right STRATEGY for you home – THAT’S THE POINT.



Just because McDonald’s Restaurants serves the most amount of people every year (billions and billions) doesn’t mean that McDonald’s is the best restaurant around. This is simply a quote in reference to others Agents advertising that they have sold the most homes year after year and claiming because of this they are the best for the job or stating they are NUMBER 1 with a huge * beside it.

When it comes to my philosophy of listing count, I have chosen to work with SELLERS who understand what it takes to get the job done as a team – TOGETHER.  Having listings of different varieties helps one be in the game and in the know all the time.  Understanding the nuances and other sales/homes for sale occurring on a daily bases is CRITICAL.  If it’s a duplex in Central Lonsdale for $1.289.000 on 6th Street East, a 8000 square foot home on Kenwood in the British Properties for $7.300.000, or a house in Edgemont Village on Crescentview —– being in the know and having a good number of properties helps give an AGENT the edge he needs to truly be EFFECTIVE in getting the job done for you.  Having good associates as well, dedicated associates/partners that are constantly working together to keep each other in the know is CRITICAL.  Every day I’m constantly picking other Agents brains, asking questions about what they think/feel about different areas/markets/homes – DEDICATION to be the best every day as the market is constantly pushing us to think out of the box is a MUST.

I don’t have assistants who take my calls for listings as I enjoy taking the calls directly myself and I show all my properties myself unless there’s a last minute request and I’m booked and we don’t want to miss the opportunity.  I strongly believe if you can’t understand the emotional response to a person MAKING THE CALL on the phone or viewing a home for the first time, how can one understand how much that person is willing to pay for that given property at the hour of negotiation.  I feel it SIMPLY DOES NOT work.


Trying to be everything to everyone is simply impossible. In saying this, I keep my listings/the areas/territories PRETTY TIGHT.  Being a STRATEGIC EXPERT in West Vancouver, North Vancouver & Downtown (sometimes/depends on the product downtown) and sometimes on the Westside is important understand, to interact while understanding the MIGRATION PATTERNS BETWEEN THESE AREAS. Concentrating in these extremely competitive markets in the efforts to sell your home and or buy on your behalf is beyond CRITICAL. Being a Jack of all trades, Master of none is exactly what I don’t want to be and what you don’t want your representative to be. If a question of a surrounding property to you just got listed and or just sold, we need to know in advance for how much and what that home is in comparison to ours. Every day the game could change and if we are not on top of these changes, or your Agent isn’t, you’re going to lose – and in our business these days, losing can end up costing you in the hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Every Home Deserves Its Own Strategy.