Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 2
Garages 2
Lot Size 100,000
View Video Contact Me Min Builable 7000 Sq Ft Plus Barns

3425 Celtic / Vancouver, BC / Call For Listing Price

This is a LAND SALE....small house on the land. It's a 2.3 acre piece of land and is SIMPLY ONE OF A KIND. This could be one of, if not 'THE BEST' parcels of land that has been on sale in Southlands in YEARS. Have a look at the photos as the property goes from one side of the screen to the other (left to right and then north to the fence where there is a craftsman home and then South to the road) - the property is stunning and so large it's hard to even capture with a drone camera. THIS IS A GREAT INVESTMENT/hold THE PROPERTY for years to come. The person who buys this can build a 7000 square foot home on this land plus garages plus other barn/other structures. Properties in the area are priced on similar size lots with new homes for over $25 million. Build a 7000 square foot home and have everything you ever wanted on 2.3 acres. To build a home it would PROBABLY COST $3.5-$4 million so you have a brand new house incredible home plus garages, plus other structures for under $15 million. An older home just sold on a similar size property for $16 million blocks away and it was over 20 years old! NO LAND TRANSFER TAX OR FOREIGN BUYERS TAX ON THIS PROPERTY. BUY THE COMPANY THE LAND IS REGISTERED IN.